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Vermont Summer Camp

Date 2013
Size 4,500 sq ft

The Dining and Education Center at Buck Lake will function as the heart of the summer camp.
The program is composed of dining facilities, classrooms and a welcome center. A modulated curving and tapering structure houses all programs
optimizing orientation and siting conditions whilst reducing the number of elements and the quantity of building material.
The program and structural deployment formally define the entry loop, they provide cross ventilation and thermal cooling and they provide an efficient and sustainable construction centered around nine timber trusses and purlins. In this trusses no member is required to exceed sizes that would question sustainable forestry. Additionally, the base would have local field stone creating a deep connection to the local context and through its thermal mass aiding to the building’s environment comfort.
The design choreographs impressions of the vernacular by invoking camps of yesteryear, canoe and arch craftsmanship, local traditions, material and
sustainable features.