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Elements I + II

Client Integral Home Projects
Date 2010
Size 2,600 sq ft
Budget $200,000

Elements I and II are series of high end prefabricated homes that define a new standard of sustainability and living.  Elements II was developed specifically for the Add-On ’13 Competition, which aims to provide affordable, accessory dwellings for the Cape Cod community.

Shaped by the environment, the houses seek to be zero-energy, passively harvesting both sun and rain.  Rainwater is collected from all pitched roofs into a tank for domestic and site use.  Designed to accommodate any site while maintaining solar orientation, the structure’s massing provides shelter from the summer sun and retains heat in the winter.  The interior is thermally insulated by thick walls and a rain screen with storm windows.  The pitched roof incorporates photovoltaic and thermal solar collector systems to supplement a boiler.  These measures are not only environmentally responsible, but also translate into substantial life-cycle cost savings.  Furthermore, the off-site construction guarantees less construction waste and better quality controls, further reducing the carbon footprint of the home.

Dwelling in an Elements home is a rich experience as a variety of ample, comfortable and interrelated spaces accommodate daily activities. The introduction of a double height social space allows for different degrees of privacy and community, also providing abundant daylighting and air circulation.  In Elements II, this double-height space provides the potential for future expansion, as it could easily be converted into a second bedroom.  With flexibility in mind, the ground floor living space can be closed off to house a roommate or occasional weekend visitor.